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Are you starting a business? Hiring or firing top-level employees? Signing a deal or contract?Buying or merging with another company?When do you exactly need a business attorney?Before hiring a business attorney, you might want to ask your prospect these questions:o How long he has been practicing law?o What is his area of specialty?o Has he represented a similar company before?o Who are the other lawyers and paralegal who will work with him in the firm?o How much are the legal fees and the expenses that will be charged?o Are the sample legal forms, agreements and policies that you can see?o How many corporations has he incorporated?o Has he any experience in handling employment matters?o Has he any experience in dealing with tax issues?o Has he any business advice to keep you safe from lawsuits?When serious legal problems arise, you will need the skills and experience of a business lawyer. Here are a few situations when the services of a business lawyer are needed:o In special allocation meeting - This is the time when you and your business partner decide to set aside profits and losses in your partnership agreemento When either one of you in the partnership wants to donate or contribute an appreciated property to the partnershipo When an employee or former associate threatens to sue your companyIn addition, when business is running, you will need the services of a lawyer to do the following tasks:o Prepare written agreements for hiring of contractors and consultantso Create documents for clients and customerso Document business meetings and actionso Call and hold corporate meetings, and prepare its minuteso Draft buy-sell agreements with business partnerso Update and make necessary changes in business agreementso Handle tax auditGenerally, what a business attorney can do is protect your business from resource-draining lawsuits and litigation. A lawyer can always offer measures to avoid the potential danger of frivolous lawsuits. Here is some of it:o Protect personal assets by separating personal property from business assetso Give attention to details such posting of warning signs and labels on productso Post store policies in public areas such as dressing rooms, in company literature on the website and even in store receiptso Ensure potential hazards are cleared which include posting of warning signs to avoid accidentso Make a record of customer phone requests, suggestions and complaintso Attend to customer needso Supervise staff training on policies and guidelineso Make insurance coverage for the company against accidents, injuries, theft, and liability.Business attorneys are vital to business and finding the one who will truly represent your company is never easy. After selecting the lawyer that you need, the next thing to do is to find out information about his background and experience.Former colleagues and clients can provide you with a wealth of information about a lawyer's background and credentials. You can also check his membership in the state bar association to confirm his legal personality.For more information about the most relevant business law applicable to your particular case, request the guidance of business law attorneys services.

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