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What is a Business Lawyer and Why Do I need one?

A business lawyer is an attorney who focuses his or her legal practice on issues that affect businesses, such as starting a business, business contracts, taxation, and intellectual property.

Business lawyers typically work with business owners and entrepreneurs start and grow their business.

Types of Business Lawyers

Business lawyers who practice law can be divided into two general categories: transactional business lawyers who focus on contractual work and litigation business lawyers who focus on trial work.

Transactional business lawyers frequently spend the better part of their day talking with clients, negotiating contracts with lawyers representing other companies, and drafting contracts and other documents, such as independent contractor agreements, physician employment contracts, and the like.

Most of transactional business lawyer’s time is spent in their offices and with clients, never in the courtroom. Transactions lawyers also give clients advice on regulatory issues as well as prepare documents required by regulatory agencies, such as the the IRS.

Business trial lawyers focus on disputes between businesses that end up in court. They act just as any civil trial lawyer does, except that they litigate business issues, such as breach of a contract, rather than criminal law or personal injury.

Business trial lawyers’ days are often filled with meeting clients, conducting depositions, drafting legal documents like motions and pleadings, and appearing in court for trial, motion hearings, or arbitrations (which are trials but conducted in front of a panel of lawyers or an independent hearings officer).

What Does a Business Lawyers Do

A business lawyer can help you make decisions for your business regarding a wide variety of areas including business formations, contract negotiations, employment and labor laws, and litigation.

Basically, a business lawyer can help you form and incorporate your business, be sure that it’s legal and compliant as it grows, and help you with anything that should come up in the form of contracts, litigation, and hiring individuals as you grow.

How Can A Business Lawyer Help a Business?

A business lawyer can help a business at any stage, from the beginning and on.

In the beginning stages of a business, you may want a business lawyer to advise you about what type of business you should form and help you look at the unique advantages and disadvantages of each.

Once you decide which type of business to form, your business lawyer will file the required papers to your state, city, and county as applicable to make sure your business is legal and compliant.

Once your business is formed, a business lawyer can help you with contracts, hiring help, and any litigation issues that may arise.

If you have questions concerning how a business lawyer can help you, don’t hesitate to contact me Sam Mollaei, Esq., Business Lawyer, at or at (818) 925-0002 about my services.

How Do I Get A Business Lawyer?

Once you decide to hire a business lawyer, you should contact them to discuss their services and what you’re looking for. Many offer a free consultation, which is helpful session to learn more about the lawyer and how they work.

You can set up a free consultation with top business attorneys today by calling 1-800-564-2707. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have at that time to help you make a hiring decision.

How Much Does a Business Lawyer Cost

A business lawyer cost depends on the lawyer -- you can typically expect a lawyer to charge flat-rate or hourly. Typically, you'd want to work with a business lawyer that charges a flat-hour fee upfront.

A business lawyer usually bills in a flat-rate or hourly, depending on the specifications of the work.

A fixed or flat fee is simply a pre-arranged total fee that is paid upfront to complete all work required for a particular legal matter.

On your free consultation call, you can ask our attorneys how much a service costs upfront before the service starts. I can give you a quote ahead of time that outlines the charges and any fees you need to be aware of before you sign any contract.

The free consultation call is also helpful to learn about how the lawyer charges and you can ask for a typical fee range so you can plan ahead and determine how much to budget for in order to hire your business lawyer.

How To Find Business Lawyer We are your best resource for finding an affordable and knowledgeable business lawyer to help you with your business.

We specialize in business law working with business owners and entrepreneurs.

How To Get a Business Lawyer

When you’re ready to hire a business attorney for your business law needs, we have several ways you can get the process started.

One option is to call us directly at 1-800-564-2707 to setup your free consultation and from there you can hire us for your legal needs.

Should I Use A Business Lawyer

That depends on what you are trying to achieve. There are some things you may feel comfortable tackling on your own such as writing a business plan or choosing a name for your business. On the other hand, there are some matters that are best handled with the help of a lawyer.

Some of the issues that you should hire a business lawyer for are making sure your business is compliant with all state, city, and county laws around owning and operating a business, dealing with any lawsuits, and negotiating the sale of your company or purchase of another company.

The above list are just a few examples and are certainly not an exhaustive list. If you have question whether you should hire a lawyer to help you, you probably should go ahead and hire one.

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