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Starting from the very moment new business is created and formed, that business and its owners will have legal issues. It’s true.  You need a business attorney who knows all about business law if you own a company or corporation.

You know that not all business lawyers are the same.

Some commercial lawyers enjoy going to trial.  Jim Balmforth is one of those.  As a business litigator and commercial attorney, Jim is the business lawyer you want to have one your side in a courtroom.

But going to trial and litigation is not the only aspect of business law.  Another part is the actually structuring of your enterprise.  For example, are you going to have an LLC (limited liability company) or a corporation?  You need to make sure that you are creating the proper business structure for your company.  This is where Mike Anderson comes in.  He is excellent at making sure you have the right entity for your company.

Don’t forget about negotiating contracts and deal making. If this is your issue, attorney Steven Rush is the attorney you want at the table with you.  Steven loves making the deals come together so if you want an edge with contracts, make sure you speak with lawyer Steven Rush.

There is more of course, you need to make sure that your business’s intellectual property is done right so no one rips you off.  You need to have a business lawyer to handle employee issues that will arise.  You see, business law is not something you should take lightly.  You need the right business lawyer on your side.

You should contact us because our law firm focuses on business law and we have several business attorneys who have a broad cross-section of experience on the myriad legal issues that affect all businesses, large and small.  From Fortune 100 companies to internet only companies to smaller locally owned retail businesses, we have pretty much dealt with every business law issue.  So make sure you call for your free consultation today.

Business Attorneys in our office do:

  • Business Formation
  • Business Compliance and Maintenance
  • Outside General Counsel Program
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Planning
  • Buying and Selling of Businesses
  • Closely Held Businesses
  • Mergers and Acquisitions